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Discover Your Strong Side

Innovative coaching within an inclusive gym community

No-Sweat Intro

Schedule your 60 minute No-Sweat Intro today to find out what works best FOR YOU!

No-Sweat Intro

Schedule your 60 minute No-Sweat Intro today to find out what works best FOR YOU!

Strong Side Conditioning is anything but your ordinary gym. From our coaching staff, to our methodology, we are revolutionizing the coaching industry.

Gone are the days of feeling discouraged and confused about how to workout and use the equipment at box gyms. No more feeling lost in a sea of people at group fitness classes. Goodbye to the luxury price tag of personal training. At Strong Side, we offer the independence of a gym, the supervision of classes and the personalisation of private training, all at an affordable rate.

We know firsthand how the benefits of working out translate to improving your life. Finding your strong side is about more than lifting weights, it’s about discovering your inner strength to persevere, to conquer challenges and defy expectations. Strong people experience full lives.  

Join our inclusive community and experience the difference for yourself. Are you ready to discover your strong side?

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Why Strong Side

Professionally Supervised Gym

Never again walk into the gym and feel discouraged or confused by how to workout or use the equipment. Our members receive personalised workout programs and we always have a professionally certified coach on the gym floor available to assist you.

Personalised Programming

All of our members receive a workout program tailored to their unique needs, goals and lifestyle. Included in your monthly membership, are private sessions with a coach to teach you how to execute your program.

Education & Empowerment

We teach you the fundamentals you need to take control of your own health and fitness.

Inclusive Community

We are proud of our inclusive, supportive community that makes working out fun. If you feel like you don’t belong at other gyms, you will feel at home here at Strong Side.

A Different Approach to Progress

Most important to us is our clients being strong enough to live their lives fully. We care about YOU. Your health, your life satisfaction, your longevity.

"What people are saying about us"

The team at SSC is beyond amazing! They are supportive and always ensuring I am challenging myself to reach the goals I have set for myself. If it wasnt for the staff at SSC I wouldnt have been able to complete the phenomenal work out I did today. I started off struggling with simple dowel movements to work on form and today I was able to do a bar bell back squat of 60kgs which is more then my weight!!!!! Attending SSC is worth the investment in yourself. Strongly recommend this place!!!!
Sonia Sidhu
Strong Side was my first time being in a directed gym environment, and it'll be hard to top going forward. I went in with a particular goal I wanted to achieve (support strength training for an upcoming half Iron man), and the team put together a program for me that identified and improved on weaknesses in my performance. Every session felt like the kind of challenge that makes for a rewarding workout experience - you'll always walk out feeling better than when you walked in, physically, emotionally, or in most cases, both.
Sam Woolf
I recommend Strong Side Conditioning highly to all. This is the gym where I could get stronger and feel stronger for the first time to this extent. I understood why I never got results in other gyms and what I needed to work on to get to the desired results faster. It's been 6 months I am still training here. All trainers are top notch.
Vikrant Shirodkar

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No-Sweat Intro

Schedule your 60 minute No-Sweat Intro today to find out what works best FOR YOU! Our coaches want to meet with you to learn about your fitness goals, obstacles and other lifestyle habits that will help us understand where you are at today and what changes we can help you implement.

 We will go over your concerns, discuss prior injuries and answer any questions you have. For some, the conversation is very quick, for others it’s a bit more in depth

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