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StrongSide Conditioning Internship

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Spring 2016 
Strong Side Conditioning Internship.

This is your chance to stand out amongst all the other CPT grads from the various schools and academies by having practical and hands-on experience, coaching in a private and semi-private environment.

We are providing the opportunity to work with our coaches and with our varied clientele – pro athletes, pain management and rehabilitation, strength, fat loss and muscle building.

You will become better at cueing and coaching clients, assessing people in the moment to make changes to their programs for their benefit and you will understand program design much better after this internship. This will assist you when you are working to garner clients and keep them longer.

What this is not is a typical internship where you are used as a grunt. We are looking for people that are serious and have a desire to learn and become better trainers with more experience and varied approaches to client training. We will put you into real situations and give props where due, but also critical and constructive advice and criticisms where necessary.

It’s all about starting that first conversation with a prospective client that can actually turn into sales for you. This will give you the confidence to talk to people with poise and fluidity, which can be the difference between them putting the earphones back in or becoming your client.

In the fitness industry, your experience matters almost as much as your education, and we’re offering you that experience in an immersive, educational and structured environment. All of our staff have done internships in the industry, including 2 being hired out of our last internship here.

The offer is a 6 week non-paid commitment from you, for 12 hours per week.
– 3x 4 hour shifts per week
– 2 of these are 3 hours under TJ Sider or Byron Dela with one hour on the floor
– 1x 4 hour shift on the floor per week with one of our staff trainers
– Pre-scheduled shifts (no on-call).
– Certificate of Internship will be awarded at the end of your 12 weeks.
– Training programs will be provided to interns to complete on-site.

We are taking applications for the internship starting at the beginning of May.

Email us with your resume attached. Call with any questions. We want to raise the bar for the fitness industry in the lower mainland. Prospects will be contacted to schedule an interview.


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 We will go over your concerns, discuss prior injuries and answer any questions you have. For some, the conversation is very quick, for others it’s a bit more in depth

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