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The Smartest Way to Torch Bodyfat, FAST

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DISCLAIMER: This isn’t a good idea. Unless there’s some crazy reason to try to lose weight as quickly and safely as possible, don’t.

A MUCH better approach is to work through sustainable goals, under the supervision of a professional. (Shameless Plug) We have that. Our Jumpstart program launches in a few weeks with Coach Jess, we have all sorts of models to help you get to your destination. Seriously, look her up.

BUT, that wasn’t the question. It was how to do this fast, while trying to keep the train on the rails…Less like a train, more like the Monster at Six Flags…

Step 1: Go Full Carni-Keto Vertical Pescatari Atkin-Ovo Vegan. With some Isagenix shakes thrown in.

Ok, I’m lying. Its not a type of diet, still need physics. So step 1 is calories. Set ‘em low. REAL low. like bodyweight x 10 to start, we may go down from there. Its a crash diet, it isn’t supposed to make you feel full and happy.

Protein needs to be high. High enough to get the benefit from its high thermic effect, (how many calories you burn trying to turn it into something useful), and to preserve as much muscle as possible while embarking on this madness. Start with 30-40% of your calories. So if you’re a 250lbs person, that’s 200-250g a day. And it HAS to come from whole foods, no shakes. You’re going to need as much support as possible, so vitamins and minerals abound.

Divide the rest of you calories into 2 groups. Carbs and Fats. About 15-25% carbs, and the rest fats. I would lean more towards a higher fat content right now, just because you wont be eating many yummy carbs. You’re going to want veggies. Lots of veggies. Elephantine levels of veggies. 1 cup of broccoli is about 31 calories, 6 g of carbs. If you’re only going to be taking in 90-140g of carbs, the 4 slices of bread for 120 of ‘em, is a poor choice.

1g of carbs per cup of spinach or Kale, 3g per cup of cabbage. See where I’m going here? But that’s hard on your little tummy, so you’ll likely have some lighter options needed as well. Mushroom’s are 20g per cup, Tomatoes are 5. You need to eat a rainbow, which, incidentally, is a great way to eat veggies in general, but particularly now, to maximize the nutritional profile of your foods.

Lastly, fat, super dense, delicious fat. 120-140g a day. Sounds like a lot? 1 cup of almonds is 75g. That’s what? 4 handfuls you can toss back? Add some olive or flax oil, an avocado, and you’re basically done.

Sound more like algebra than nutrition? Yeah, it is. Its also why most people don’t do well on super restrictive diets. They have no wiggle room, they’re uncomfortable. They don’t allow for cake, even at your daughters 6th birthday. Well, they could, but that small slice is likely 40-60 g of carbs (half your daily total, and 10-20g of fat) So you’ve just cut down your food total for the day by a serious amount.

Now, eat this way for weeks, or months. Plan some strategic refeeds, train like a maniac when you have the energy for it, and suffer into six pack abs.

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