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Tips and Tricks to be more consistent in the gym

Consistency is the key to success as many of you Strong Siders know. Sometimes, we get in a funk and fall out of our regular scheduled programming. It can be from getting upset that goals aren’t being reached fast enough, or you just plain lose interest in what you’re doing. We all fall off that fitness wagon every once in a while. Fret not folks, we thought we’d give you some tips and tricks to stay on that consistency train.

From the coaches:

It sounds easy enough but the first step to being consistent in the gym is just simply…. showing up. Make a commitment to yourself to get those 3 days a week in and I promise you, it will get easier from there.

You’ve already made the decision to be consistent in the gym? Amazing, now all you have to do is plan ahead. Pack your gym bag so you can go straight to the gym from work, set aside a specific time frame in your week for a work out. Congrats you are already 95% there! Now all you need to do is show up.

Please remember to not beat yourself up if you miss or skip a day. Life happens, and sometimes we just don’t feel like it, or we had to stay an hour late at work. If this ever happens, I always suggest that you give yourself 5-10 mins of interest free time at the gym. What the heck does this mean you might ask?!

All I’m asking you to do is start your warm up. Put those work out shoes on and start foam rolling, or rowing. Just start your warm up exactly how you normally would. If within that 5-10 mins you still aren’t feeling it mentally and physically. Get outta here and we will see you another day! Some days we have the ability to push through all those mental and physical barriers that stop us from coming in the gym, other days we don’t. At that point in time, it’s best to honour your body and do what feels best.

One of our resident bakers, Grace, let us in on why she is able to be so consistent with the gym the past couple of years:

Why am I consistent? Good question.

Honestly, I joined the gym because I was going through a difficult time and feeling lonely. The lovely staff endure my endless banter, so maybe having a captive audience is the appeal and why I keep showing up. It certainly isn’t because I like lifting weights! “

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