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This is all about breaking down barriers that we tend to put on ourselves.  I hear so often that weightlifting is a man’s thing and that “I don’t want to get huge”.  Uhg.  First of all, some of the best results come from weight lifting (done properly) for weight loss, toning, health improvement and attitude improvement.  So this really isn’t about the battle of the sexes, it’s about YOU proving to YOU that YOU are amazing and not only can do anything that any stupid boy can do, but you can OWN IT and reap all of the rewards too.

This course will be all about showing you the ropes (or the bars and plates, as it were) and making sure that you know how to do free weight exercises in a safe and proper manner.  We will work on technique, safety, function and even go through some basic programming so that you have something to take away at the end of the course.  We want you to have the skills and confidence to walk into that free weight area and get right to work making yourself more awesome.

We are so excited for this weekend’s course. We do hope to see this there. Click to find out more. 

And as always, if you have any questions, come by the studio or call or email.   We’ll be happy to chat with you!

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No-Sweat Intro

Schedule your 60 minute No-Sweat Intro today to find out what works best FOR YOU! Our coaches want to meet with you to learn about your fitness goals, obstacles and other lifestyle habits that will help us understand where you are at today and what changes we can help you implement.

 We will go over your concerns, discuss prior injuries and answer any questions you have. For some, the conversation is very quick, for others it’s a bit more in depth

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